Bink’s Sake Part 2

I had given up on my net connection. Today is a miracle. So impromptu I am going to make the best out of this miracle.

My last post was a song called Bink’s Sake. I song know to be commonly sung among old pirates. Now why would I bring up Pirates? Those scums of the seas as many would say. I say, because it is the song of life.

It defines what pirates felt-well at least the honored ones who were out to adventure and follow their dreams.

It teaches us about how it feels to be free. It urges us to taste that freedom-that salty taste you felt while running along the beach and feeling the wind and the warm sand. That soft hum or a full blown song that you sing when you are happy and free just like the birds.

It teaches us that all of us have to leave the past behind even if we don’t want it.Better than sulking why not chase our dreams,make new memories with old friends and new ones-at old places and new.We all have things to do-call it destiny or a wish.

To be proud of who we are but not egoistic.To not pretend because that just makes us sad.To not think too much of one self because we are all the same and to dust we return.

So go ahead just like this song of life on a ship of fun,adventures,dangers and happiness and maybe a little tears. But most of all go live life like you want to.