You are a really cool person! :)

You are a really cool person! 🙂

*Crack Knuckles* I have been gone for a long time. Those who read my Doodle Diddle text box know that I have been sick. i generally think about what to post for a few days before posting but today I am going to let it flow. No thinking before hand. Let me tell you a small story about a little girl:

Once upon a time there was a little girl as happy and oblivious to the world as you could find.Over the years this little girl turned into an insecure person. She thought about what the society might think or failure before actually taking a step. All this inferiority complex came down to belief. She had been lucky to have parents who believed in her. They trusted her to make her own way and yet their love and support for her had lead her to be so dependent on them almost to the point of being spoon fed-till date. I don’t know if all this is because of some harrowing experiences that she had to face as a child. She had always been in a loving environment when it comes to family and had some lovely friends but the world outside is harsh. Something that a little girl could never imagine. She had to go through cases of molestation by some elderly figures as a child. Most of them were in the position of being looked up to as a profession. This is something that little girl could never explain more than as being “played with” and she was always brushed aside and told that “she must have made some mistake”. This making a mistake saga went on you see. When it came to problems with friends- this now a grown up girl had to face some serious back stabbing. She lost her voice. She was so scared to raise her voice that she could not stop others from doing mean things to her. They pushed her around like a rag doll. Using her. Breaking her even more. But “you must have done something to make them do this to you” never stopped. Some days she had enough courage to make a stand and the rest she slouched down-sitting alone and trying not to be noticed. She hid all this from her family because it would break their heart. This little girl has grown wise though.She has grown tougher than she was before. She is slowly trying to make her stand. She still has a long way to go and is still pushed around. But one day she hopes she will be respected and loved by this harsh world as much as her family loves her. That one day may not come soon but she is chipping away the hard stone. Working hard to make her own comfortable niche.

You must have realized. I am that little girl. When the others don’t believe you it is sad. But when you don’t believe in yourself? It is a sin. I won’t say I am a confident person. But I am learning how to believe in my self. Will you help me in this journey? Will you show me that one can learn how to believe in themselves-by doing so yourself? As I have mentioned in Your mother programmed you ‘s comment-very lucky few have people as crazy as them as friends and family. Someone who actually knows them and loves them for who they are. Can you be your own friend? Can you accept yourself? Answer these questions. I hope the answer is a Yes and if not – I am willing to be one 🙂

Music going on in my head: Long time coming by Oliver James

You are NOT alone

You have people with you

You have people with you

Loneliness…the word it self makes one feel sad and depressed. Today I wake you to a beautiful day and I realize that nobody’s lonely. There is an ocean full of people out there and sometimes when you live alone you may feel more lost. One day you are feeling lost in that huge crowd when suddenly you are hugged from behind and that dark cloud passes away as you turn around and see the bright smiles and excitement and the true happiness on your friend’s face as they look at you. You are never alone. You may be passing through a difficult situation and you find there is nobody there to help or guide or support you. First sit back and think. Did you convey your suffering to anyone? Most of us feel that any person close to must know when we are sad but you should understand that they are not mind readers, they are also humans like us and you need to put your pride or shyness behind and talk to people.

Learn to talk and share 🙂

Some time ago I had some amazing news that I wanted to share with my closest family and friends, but when I called them nobody responded, they didn’t have time to even listen to my news. Some had a job to go to, some babies to take care of and whole lot of other excuses. One of the best days in my life was spent feeling lonely and crying instead of celebrating. Then night falls and I start getting calls from all of them, one by one,  and the way they sounded so happy I felt my heart would burst. The one’s I thought had ditched my were the one’s who truly were happy for me. I was even wished by people from unexpected sources.

When you feel lonely just remember your blessings- the best times in your life and always know that there is always some one to look out for you. Don’t expect people to always come over to you. Learn to talk to people on your own accord and even after reading this you feel you don’t have anyone then Hey! go out there and make new friends! There are always people who have the same mindset and maybe are waiting to be found just like you. 🙂