No! It’s Superman!


When a time comes when you need someone. Then don’t feel afraid of reaching out. You can also go to a counselor who can walk this journey with you. Remember: You are very important


Going to start keeping a track of my traveling. So many places to see and so little a time. So much of confidence to build but start I shall here.


I have missed you guys so much! I can feel the winds of changes. Nothing is changing in me but there are too many changes around me. I am having so many conversations with my friends these days. Everyone is trying out something new and are progressing in their own way. I feel really happy for them but I feel so unsettled inside. I will miss them a lot but now I can’t stay the way I am any more.

As one of my friends was saying today ” Your need for change right now is unsettling you and you need to work towards it to bring back your peace of mind”. Either people are getting married or they are changing jobs or designations and I have been the same,with no future plans made yet. Now, I feel really desperate and find my self in an hopeless situation.

But, it’s not time to settle yet. I need to push this ahead. I need to change.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall


When you look into the mirror, what do you see? Do you see the real you or just a mask, a facade that lies to everyone? Everyone including you yourself? there are very few pure souls and then there are the many complex ones. Which category do you belong to? Do you fit into any at all?

There are so many different faces that a single person can have.

The kind of person you are. The emotion that you feel reflects on your face. When you are taken over by a whirlwind of humane emotions, what do you do? When you know the answer but have no energy or the will power to act.

What do you really do?



Men all muddled,to work they struggled.

They all lost hope, to them life was a joke.

Someone had to save them, needed they a Dame.

To them she came,she wanted no fame.

She swept them with her boldness,lead them with her shrewdness.

They struggled no longer,they rather grew stronger.

They toiled under her, growth stuck like a bur.

All done and dusted,she went and rested.

They revered her, the future forgot her.

Their greed grew sore, History knew her no more.




There are times when everything is going well but most of the time the thing that doesn’t fit in is just you. Depression may be because of tough times and some times you just can’t help it- it just happens. You loose appetite. You don’t know why you are feeling sad, helpless and hopeless. You are just shrouded by this negative veil that makes you look at things the wrong way.

The things which I am trying to implement now since I feel really depressed and my normal life has stopped functioning:

  1. Listening to music: I am trying to stay from the sad songs. I listen to up beat, strong inspiring songs that help me lift my mood temporarily.
  2. Doing what you love: I try to read books. Though truthfully, it is just 0.5 % of how much I used to read before. At the very least I am trying to read again.
  3. Arrange Outings: Plan your calendar. Keep it packed so that you don’t even get the time to ponder over the unnecessary thoughts. Use the weekends. Leave a day to replenish and for your self and the other to go out and have fun with your loved ones and friends. Meet your old friends.
  4. Do what you want to: There are things that we want to and think of doing. But we always procrastinate it for another fine day. Just do it.Trust me you will feel great if you do something out of the ordinary. I went to a 5K Music Run(by VH1 and Fastrack) this weekend with my room mate and it felt amazing!
  5. Comedy: Watch or read something funny. Be with people you have fun with. Try to stay away from people who always complain about things and people.
  6. Let your emotion flow: Don’t hold back. Cry. Scream. Throw a tantrum. And then Laugh. People who look at you weirdly and don’t try to understand don’t deserve to be in your life.
  7. Talk: You need to talk. Don’t try to hold it in. Talk to the person you feel the most comfortable with. Sometimes talking can help you look at things from a different perspective. If you are not comfortable with that either then I am here. You can always talk to me. We can stand a top a table together and look at things differently.

If you cannot deal with it at all then I would suggest that you take some professional help.It will help you.

Carpe Diem my friend. There is nothing more important than your happiness. It is how you reach there and stay there that matters.

Daily Prompt: Moon

via Daily Prompt: Moon


It was full moon that night. The Moon gave out an eerie glow that cast shadows over the forest encircling the village. In these very shadows hid men who had nothing but greed in their hearts. They had been sent by the Mogul sharks looking for rich land. These men lit up the torches and set the forest on fire. The vile men ran away as the Moon looked down upon the villagers screaming. It continued casting it’s orange tinged light till the village people saved the forest and a new day was born.

Do what you love to do


Hey there Sunshines! Today, I feel so at peace with myself. You know there are times when you just feel like doing what you shouldn’t do? When you know it is really wrong and it could just cause problems for you, but you still do it? When your head screams out ” Don’t do it!!!” and you heart just nudges you saying “Maybe…it may not hurt me after all”? Ugh! I am going through this right now. The more you try to ignore it the more you find your self thinking about it. The other things take the back burner.

All that goes on in your head is “I shouldn’t do this but I should do that but I don’t want to do that I want to do this

The best thing to do at this point of time would be to do neither. One is something you shouldn’t do and the other is obviously a chore. Do something that you love. Clean up your apartment. Read a book. Go dancing. Meet that friends you haven’t met in ages!

There are so many things that you can do. Just think about it for a second. That one second is enough for you to form a list of things, you love, in your head. Do the one right on top. Don’t stop to think if it’s feasible. Jut do it. I am writing my blog. This was the first thing that I thought about. This is my first step. You take yours too 🙂

You will thank yourself later 🙂

I Cried


A rain that made the rivers flood and gush down the mountains. Mountains that no one could move but stood weak as it broke into two halves bit by bit.It called out its last in anger to the hot molten lava like heart within it. the heart sprayed its sadness and breathed its last breath into the air as the sky turned dark. Just because I cried. And I cried again seeing the sadness of the world. And I will cry again in the hope to take away the world’s misery and anguish. I will cry again. To end. The sadness.

Or do I instead wait for the peace to fall upon me.The Sun to shine bright. To see everything and think everything clearly. To fight back instead of washing away even the good along with the bad?

This is not just about the gay community out there. It is also about that woman who is beaten around by her husband. It is also about that man who is mistreated in the work space. It is about all the wrongs that go about in the world. The wrongs that we all know about but don’t react to.

What do we do? What should we do? Tell me in the comments section. I want to hear your thoughts.

Things to Unlearn

Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted in a long time. I love to share things with you beloved people. I don’t have any inspiration so far,but, I did come by this article online- it is about unlearning 4 things that has been programmed into most of us since childhood. I could totally relate to it. I will think a little more on this article and add my views to it in a while. If you guys have anything to say please don’t hesitate 🙂

The link to it is here. Go ahead. Click the ‘here’ word.