How you doin’ ?

Your problem is now no longer only yours :)

Your problem is now no longer only yours 🙂

Hey guys! I just realized that I just write about my thoughts. I get a chance to share what is going on in my mind and life. Do you people get the same chance? I haven’t shared my blog with any of my friends. I feel it hampers my freedom. I can go all yappity yap yap if people who are close to me start questioning about my topics. I don’t mean a debate. A healthy debate is always useful and a stepping stone to improving my thinking. What I mean is there are so many things that can be gained by anonymity. Most of us think about what others around us may think about us. We can’t open up to people we know sometimes. So here I am inviting you. I am no God. I can’t solve your problems  but sharing always helps us clear our head and a different perspective always helps. I am always here to listen to what you people have to say. If you want you can comment or you can personally email me. I am ready to listen to you guys if you are willing to talk 🙂

Your problem is now my problem. Our problem 🙂

Inspirational Book : The Curves Ahead by Kate J. Squires