This post is the morning of my blog, a new sub chapter of my life if you may say so. I am going to tell about how taking out 5 minutes now can make your day brighter. A visual aid is a very good way to help clear your mind. Little post-it-pages or any decent scrap of paper is enough for this. Take out a pen or pencil and jot down whatever bright thought you may want to think in the morning. Say, I write down

Today’s a bright and beautiful day ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have more than one thought then no worries, write down these thoughts in different scraps of papers. Place (preferably pin it ) these post cards or papers where you can easily see them when you wake up- the wall across your bed , the mirror. If you have more than one you may place them in different places like the refrigerator door, main door , car etc. These are easy reminders and very helpful if you focus on them for a minute and absorb it in to your mind.

Our elders always said “early to sleep and early to rise”. They had a very good reason for this. A good sleep makes you feel less cranky and you work faster. Of course the number of hours you sleep depend on your biological clock. When you sleep or when you wake up is all up to you. But, try to take out half an hour before you start getting ready for the day. This extra half an hour gets a lot of work done, trust me. Many people feel meditation is a sham and waste of time. Though it is very very helpful, if you don’t want to meditate I am not going to force you, but at least try once.

The other thing which you can do instead is to not think about what all work you have to complete. Force yourself to think about good times. Drink milk or tea or water or whatever you drink or don’tย in the morning and while you do that look out of your window focus on something-maybe a bird chirping or the cool morning breeze against your skin…anything pleasant and serene that makes you feel tranquil for at least 10 minutes. Then go about and start your day. This is a small exercise and very helpful.

Tell me if this has helped you. But you must really want to do it and believe in it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Phew that was a long one