Counted Breaths


I recently got into a debate with a senior of mine, about mind. It opened my mind to a different perspective. I, for the first time ever, had a glimpse of how people can relate everything to philosophy and religion and come up with different explanations about any and everything- even big bang theory.

In this same debate, I was introduced to the concept of counted breaths. According to my senor, we all come into this life with a certain number of breaths allocated to us. When the breaths are up, we all pass away.

This got me thinking and I decided to share my views with all of you :).

I believe that this concept can be looked at differently. When we get stressed, there is an adrenaline rush that makes our heart pump faster. A constant state of stress leads to short and fast breaths which some people may also refer to as breathlessness. This can cause a lot of damage to our body and mind in the long run. So in a way , counted breaths theory warns us to take slow and long breaths, to relax so that we can lead a longer and healthier life.

You should invest some of your time in meditation because it has amazing returns and long time benefits. One way to do this can be :

  1. In the first stage you use counting to stay focused on the breath. After the out-breath you count one, then you breathe in and out and count two, and so on up to ten, and then you start again at one.
  2. In the second stage you subtly shift where you breathe, counting before the in-breath, anticipating the breath that is coming, but still counting from one to ten, and then starting again at one.
  3. In the third stage you drop the counting and just watch the breath as it comes in and goes out.
  4. In the final stage the focus of concentration narrows and sharpens, so you pay attention to the subtle sensation on the tip of the nose where the breath first enters and last leaves the body.

I don’t know how true the theory of counted breaths is but I can surely say that long and slow breaths can help us heal 🙂

Meditation steps copied from:

Everything New


Life. It is nothing like a wheel. It is more like a bicycle. It takes you to different places- some known and some not. The best part about life being a bicycle is that we can go anywhere at our own speed and all of what happens to us depends on our decisions. I have moved out of my house. It is a brand new place and a brand new world for me. I have met new people visited new places and gone through new experiences.

I look forward to the days that will come with freshness of dew and what I do with them depends only on me.

Some days here have been good and some really bad. I have already gone through experiences that I never thought I would go through ever in my life. These experiences help me grow. Some times I manage to change the bad to good by my positive attitude and sometimes I have made stupid mistakes that lead to huge disasters. But that is life right? A fog of confusion may always wait for you but remember there is always the sun that will clear it away. Walking on a dark beautiful starry night maybe lonely but remember that the little shots of brightness are cheering you on to inner peace. So breathe in and take the next turn,you may find a bright beautiful day waiting for your bright smile 🙂

Listen to: The nights by Avicii 🙂

Bink’s Sake Part 2

I had given up on my net connection. Today is a miracle. So impromptu I am going to make the best out of this miracle.

My last post was a song called Bink’s Sake. I song know to be commonly sung among old pirates. Now why would I bring up Pirates? Those scums of the seas as many would say. I say, because it is the song of life.

It defines what pirates felt-well at least the honored ones who were out to adventure and follow their dreams.

It teaches us about how it feels to be free. It urges us to taste that freedom-that salty taste you felt while running along the beach and feeling the wind and the warm sand. That soft hum or a full blown song that you sing when you are happy and free just like the birds.

It teaches us that all of us have to leave the past behind even if we don’t want it.Better than sulking why not chase our dreams,make new memories with old friends and new ones-at old places and new.We all have things to do-call it destiny or a wish.

To be proud of who we are but not egoistic.To not pretend because that just makes us sad.To not think too much of one self because we are all the same and to dust we return.

So go ahead just like this song of life on a ship of fun,adventures,dangers and happiness and maybe a little tears. But most of all go live life like you want to.