Keeping A Diary


Hey people! I am extremely busy right now but I have tried to fit in a quick one here for all those inspired people out there. Keep a diary. Now, some may say that keeping a diary is a tedious task. It may be,especially for those who don’t like to write or have very tight schedule but I am not asking you to write descriptions about your day. If you like you can go on and on about your day, it is your diary after all but if you are no fan of writing then I ask you to write just 5 lines maybe. If 5 lines are a lot then go ahead and write 1 line. You can write about your schedule or something that caught your attention or anything that you wish to write. If you are having a bad time you may not want to keep a tab on all the bad things happening to you.

But all that you see may not be true.  Confused? I mean that you may think that everything is bad right now. It may be. But try to think of at least one good thing that happened to you that day.Or maybe happened to someone else and made you smile. It may be something as small as a baby smiling.

Write it down. Think all the good things you can think of and write it down.

It is called as counting your blessing. And if you can’t find something good then write something bad.Something that makes you strong so that one day when you look back you are reminded of how strong you really are because you managed to come out of that situation 🙂



Here is something about bravery by Cristian Mihai. Amazing piece. I agree with him and I trust everyone agrees too, but reading and agreeing won’t be enough. Take it in and now go there and start on a new adventure and do what you always wanted to do and if you have already started but feel cannot go on anymore? Stay strong,count your blessings chillen and start anew and believe your hard work will help you achieve what you ‘want’

Cristian Mihai

bravery“We are not defined by our trials, but by how we face them. We are all afraid; bravery is a choice, that though you may lose, you shall never be defeated.”Jill Anzinger

In the face of adversity, how we react is what really defines us. Our actions are one of the few things we’d call a legacy; what we leave behind. Our actions can inspire, can help others achieve their own dreams… our own actions can shape this world according to our dreams.

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