Hey there! I am Kritika and I am new to wordpress. The main reason I have come up with the idea of Negative To Positive is because I have realized that our thoughts affect our daily activities. Trust me, people like me, who think a lot, can understand how important our thoughts can be. I have recently been through a difficult phase in my life where I was depressed and a change in my thinking helped me a lot. Negative thoughts affect us very badly and ruin our day where as a good thought can make our day! So, this is a conscious effort on my part to change my thoughts from negative to positive and indirectly help along people who may need it more than me. No one’s perfect and we can always try. I hope I can help some one and if not well…I am helping my self. I count as somebody too. A very important somebody in my world 😀 Read along and find whether you agree with me or not 🙂

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