Dealing with stress

For past some time I have been completely stressed out. There is so much to deal with. Family,work is just a part of it. I grew tired of worrying non-stop. On top of that I have shifted and the pain of leaving old friends and the fear of making new is somewhere in the back of my mind constantly.

Till I reached a point where I couldn’t take it anymore. My brain fried and I stopped thinking.

No, it is not a bad thing. In fact, I feel happy. Now I have learnt to think only about the present. I have regained my carefree attitude to a certain extent. I have stopped worrying about what’s going to happen. I am learning how to only logically analyse the problem right in front of me and deal with it. I won’t say I am stress free. But I am learning to deal with it. I am trying not to be impulsive. It is difficult but I am trying. Of course there are something’s which are not in my hands and I can’t stop thinking about. But I am learning to deal with those to. I am going to put a stop to ” pulling my hair worry”.

Plus I recently came across this video in TED where they explained about how accepting stress as a learning mechanism helps us increase our longevity. Dealing with stress in a positive way is very important. We need to learn from it and not fall under it’s brunt. If I can try to do it then so can you.