New Year

A very Happy New Year people! May all of you have a prosperous year ahead. May you find your self and get to know so many new amazing things. May you cross off more points from your bucket list. May each day see you better than the day before and may you have memorable experiences that you cherish and even learn from.



In my last post I had mentioned how I was struggling with the negativity. Well I still am. It may have grown worse infact. The negativity has engulfed me to such an extent that it has changed my character. I have bursts of anger and say things that hurt people and I don’t even mean it. I am continuously angry. My reason for the anger will continue to exist for many more years to come. An outsider has come into my house and is poisoning the family. After she has come I have seen a rift in my family. Continuous fights and health problems because of worrying over one single person. I can’t do anything about it because even though I tried to stand up to her my family went against me because ” You are not supposed to say anything to guests” I really have nothing else to do but stay silent and be better off being by myself. Maybe that will help me. But do read this post that I have reblogged. What is happening with me and my family is nothing compared to what has happened to him. It gives me inspiration to see someone trying to fight back. I still haven’t figured out how to glue my family back together and remove the source of problem but I will fight back.


Take some time out to make someone’s day better because they will do the same for you 🙂


A lot of people feel alone. They feel like they don’t have a connection to those around them.

I know how that feels. When I was younger I spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals, I didn’t get a whole lot of practice socializing with people my own age.

Spending most of my time with doctors, nurses and my mom made me feel alienated when it came time to engage with others at my school.

But there was an upside.

Doctors and nurses are some of the most caring people you will ever meet. They are intelligent, polite and empathetic. Every time I was in their care I felt appreciated and important. They were family to me.

I’ve wondered what made my connection with these people so deep and profound. I can still picture the faces and emotions associated with so many of the beautiful people I…

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