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Your problem is now no longer only yours :)

Your problem is now no longer only yours 🙂

Hey guys! I just realized that I just write about my thoughts. I get a chance to share what is going on in my mind and life. Do you people get the same chance? I haven’t shared my blog with any of my friends. I feel it hampers my freedom. I can go all yappity yap yap if people who are close to me start questioning about my topics. I don’t mean a debate. A healthy debate is always useful and a stepping stone to improving my thinking. What I mean is there are so many things that can be gained by anonymity. Most of us think about what others around us may think about us. We can’t open up to people we know sometimes. So here I am inviting you. I am no God. I can’t solve your problems  but sharing always helps us clear our head and a different perspective always helps. I am always here to listen to what you people have to say. If you want you can comment or you can personally email me. I am ready to listen to you guys if you are willing to talk 🙂

Your problem is now my problem. Our problem 🙂

Inspirational Book : The Curves Ahead by Kate J. Squires


Don’t Judge

Hey guys! At last I have managed to find the time to breathe and write to you guys out there. I won’t say I don’t judge people. I do. Judging is like that annoying buzzing fly that doesn’t go away. Oh but it does. Eventually. I judge, but the very next instant I chide myself. I think to myself that what if there is something more to it? You should never jump to conclusions based on what you see. Every person has a story. All you need to do sometimes is get to know that story and your whole thinking changes. A person speaking in broken language may be laughed at. But if you listen closely you may realize that you are actually listening to a wise person.

A person incapable of forming speech but infinitely smarter than you. If you listen you may actually learn a few things.

I came up with this because it has been nagging me since past few days. I was talking to my friend when she showed me a photo of a popular couple. The fault in my friend’s eye was that the woman was dark and the man was fair. She laughed and showed me the picture saying “Are they trying to play chess?” It annoyed me to no end. I asked her if the guy was dark and the woman fair would she have said the same thing?She didn’t reply. No they aren’t trying to play chess. Maybe they like each other? Before you try fixing someone, acting as if this world is your board and you are holding the chalk and duster so that it makes it morally right for you to throw about your unwanted opinion, look at yourself .You also have a lot to change so maybe try using that chalk and duster on yourself instead of others.

I took up this topic with another friend of mine. She did support the fact that one shouldn’t judge. It made me happy thinking that not all are that narrow minded. Till it slipped from her mouth that ” I don’t mind her being dark it’s just that she is fat.She should do something about it” Oopsie. I was wrong . I realized then that my friend supported my “being dark should not matter” line because she is dark herself. This same friend was overweight three years back but she lost oodles of weight and is stick thin now . I thought that her suffering from weight issues for a year would stop her from passing such a judgement. Then I realized that she never worked for it. She just doesn’t like the taste of the food here so she eats less and throws more into the trash bin. She lost weight within months. I explained it to her that the woman may have tried loosing weight and she may have a disorder that her from loosing much weight. She looked away before waving her hand and rolling her saying  “maybe”. She may have realized her mistake but not how wrong she was.

So stop judging. You may actually depress someone without the intent to and cause  a lot of harm.Before you judge think whether you like it when people judge you. You don’t right? And those people out there who get judged regularly. Keep trying to improve yourself but don’t take what others say to your heart because you know what you are going through. But that doesn’t mean that you can make excuses. Keep working you will get the results you want or rather need 🙂

stop judging