Don’t Just Sit Back


Happy New Year to all my readers. I know it’s been too long but I went on a long trip to search for my ancestry. It was an amazing experience , unfortunately what stands out most are a few scathing remarks. In my previous post I wrote about not allowing other’s judgement affecting you. I thought of elaborating on it in this one. My skin is sensitive and I get excessively tanned very easily and unlike many woman I love walking in the sun. Yes you guessed right, I have grown very dark and I didn’t care when the older generation (who still feel fair is pretty) mentioned about how dark I am with mild disgusted looks, almost ignored me and compared to rest of my family who are fair.

I didn’t care at first but when I had to go through this more than once each day- day after day on my month long stay- I took a hit.

On top of it I put on weight because of all the fresh, heavy delicious food of villages. I came back home detesting my body. I started watching all these home made beauty remedy videos on youTube. Then I was facing a new problem. I, who championed the beauty of dark people started detesting my weakness-searching for beautifying videos? I thought about it and came to the conclusion that trying to keep your self healthy-mentally,superficially and body wise is not a cheap thing to do. I am actually respecting my body for the first time. I have started taking care of myself. I have set my goals-I go for walk,I do what I want and come back home and take care of myself. Do what ever you want but help yourself a chance to regenerate. As soon as I opened my blog to write my post I saw this video and it’s like a god sent gift-a support. I also want to mention about people with dis-abilities. I know it is very difficult to speak from your point of view but I hope I may at least give you a glimpse of what you are capable of.My mother was in an accident few years back and I know what it feels like trying to morally support people who suddenly are hit by insecurities. Think of all those lucrative bold packaging that instantly catch our attention. Your disabilities are the packaging . Instead of hiding in a false sense of inferiority use your uniqueness to do something more. Turn those pitiful gazes of others into that of awe and inspiration. You have it in you to do so much good. All that greatness which is waiting to be achieved by all of you. It is not just physical disabilities that I am talking about. I am talking about everyone. Set goals. Strive to achieve them and then make new goals and then go ahead and help others. You never know. You may actually gain something by helping. Do! Don’t just sit back and you can truly say- I Lived 🙂

Inspiration video: