Everything New


Life. It is nothing like a wheel. It is more like a bicycle. It takes you to different places- some known and some not. The best part about life being a bicycle is that we can go anywhere at our own speed and all of what happens to us depends on our decisions. I have moved out of my house. It is a brand new place and a brand new world for me. I have met new people visited new places and gone through new experiences.

I look forward to the days that will come with freshness of dew and what I do with them depends only on me.

Some days here have been good and some really bad. I have already gone through experiences that I never thought I would go through ever in my life. These experiences help me grow. Some times I manage to change the bad to good by my positive attitude and sometimes I have made stupid mistakes that lead to huge disasters. But that is life right? A fog of confusion may always wait for you but remember there is always the sun that will clear it away. Walking on a dark beautiful starry night maybe lonely but remember that the little shots of brightness are cheering you on to inner peace. So breathe in and take the next turn,you may find a bright beautiful day waiting for your bright smile 🙂

Listen to: The nights by Avicii 🙂