There are times when everything is going well but most of the time the thing that doesn’t fit in is just you. Depression may be because of tough times and some times you just can’t help it- it just happens. You loose appetite. You don’t know why you are feeling sad, helpless and hopeless. You are just shrouded by this negative veil that makes you look at things the wrong way.

The things which I am trying to implement now since I feel really depressed and my normal life has stopped functioning:

  1. Listening to music: I am trying to stay from the sad songs. I listen to up beat, strong inspiring songs that help me lift my mood temporarily.
  2. Doing what you love: I try to read books. Though truthfully, it is just 0.5 % of how much I used to read before. At the very least I am trying to read again.
  3. Arrange Outings: Plan your calendar. Keep it packed so that you don’t even get the time to ponder over the unnecessary thoughts. Use the weekends. Leave a day to replenish and for your self and the other to go out and have fun with your loved ones and friends. Meet your old friends.
  4. Do what you want to: There are things that we want to and think of doing. But we always procrastinate it for another fine day. Just do it.Trust me you will feel great if you do something out of the ordinary. I went to a 5K Music Run(by VH1 and Fastrack) this weekend with my room mate and it felt amazing!
  5. Comedy: Watch or read something funny. Be with people you have fun with. Try to stay away from people who always complain about things and people.
  6. Let your emotion flow: Don’t hold back. Cry. Scream. Throw a tantrum. And then Laugh. People who look at you weirdly and don’t try to understand don’t deserve to be in your life.
  7. Talk: You need to talk. Don’t try to hold it in. Talk to the person you feel the most comfortable with. Sometimes talking can help you look at things from a different perspective. If you are not comfortable with that either then I am here. You can always talk to me. We can stand a top a table together and look at things differently.

If you cannot deal with it at all then I would suggest that you take some professional help.It will help you.

Carpe Diem my friend. There is nothing more important than your happiness. It is how you reach there and stay there that matters.