Yesterday, I was worried about whether I would have enough topics to write about, on my blog. Then, I realized that negativity is like ink in a magical pen that doesn’t dry. It is just covered by a cap of hope that prevents the ink from leaking and we have weapons to guard that ink:
1. Humbleness:        To help us accept our mistakes
2. Hope:                     To believe in ourselves
3. Confidence:          To assure us that we can overcome our mistakes
4. Keenness               To observe our mistakes
5. Determination:    To correct our mistakes

Once I realized this, I over came my fear and went ahead and wrote down the first things that came to mind. You can over come your fear too but you need to work for it.

P.S I have decided to start recommending certain stuffs related to each post. They can range from books to songs or websites. You can refer to these for more inspiration

This week’s inspiration : Lean In website 🙂


What do you thinnk?

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